Armor Games is a developer and publisher of Steam, Mobile and Web Browser games. Starting from humble beginnings as a Flash game portal, in recent years the company has branched out to other platforms spreading joy to gamers of all types. Play their games at!


Early history

Founded March 2004, the Games of Gondor website would be transformed into Armor Games on October 2005. Based in Irvine, California the website is host to many iconic web games including Crush the Castle, Sushi Cat, Last Stand, GemCraft, Sonny and Kingdom Rush.

After that

Recently Armor Games has begun launching mobile games for both iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Some titles include Cursed Treasure 2, Gemini Strike, Strike Force Heroes: Extraction, Slice the Box, Interlocked and Siege Hero. Also starting in 2015 they have begun to branch out into Steam games, using Greenlight to bring GemCraft: Chasing Shadows, Super Chibi Knight and more to the PC gaming community.


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