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Q4 2018



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The galaxy is in disarray, and in great danger in this hybrid card and RPG. Choose your hero from one of several different powerful classes and search distant planets. Combat is more than just who has the higher stats or fancier weapons. You'll need to carefully consider your options and plan throughout each encounter, since only the person who wins the round gets to deal damage. You and your opponent take turns laying down numbered cards, choosing wether to hit or stand, in an effort to get as close to a value of 12 without going over. You'll also be able to play unique skills or items that can do things like modify the value of your opponent's hand or your own, cast spells or weild attacks, and more more. You may even be joined by allies who add their own special cards to your deck.


  • Smart, strategic card-based combat.
  • Sci-fi meets fantasy setting.
  • Level up and find treasure or allies to unlock new cards.
  • When one character falls, start afresh with a new class and hero.
  • Upgrade your town and complete missions to earn rewards.
  • Multiple unique planets, each with their own enemies.
  • Free to play with no annoying timers.
  • Gorgeous artwork and characters to meet... or fight!


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