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Armor Games Studios
Based in Irvine, California


Release date:
May 31, 2018

Steam (PC/Mac)


Regular Price:

USD: $11.99


Just because you're dead doesn't mean you stop caring about people. In fact, in this uplifting and cheerful puzzle game about romance after the end of the world, when the zombie apocalypse happens, you were SO in love with your partner that when you both reanimated, you kept your minds intact. There's just one problem... how can your family be complete when you can't find your beloved cat and dog?! Love is Dead is a new spin on romance and zombie stories, where you control two freshly undead people traveling the world in search of their pets. With hundreds of unique levels spread across seven distinct worlds, each with their own mechanics and surprises, as well as the ability to choose the pronouns for both characters, Love is Dead is a zombie game with both heart AND brains.


Love is Dead originally began life as a series of Flash games; I Saw Her Standing There, I Saw Her Too (With Lasers), and I Saw Her Across the World. While each game had different mechanics, they all shared the same thread of following a light-hearted and even romantic twist on (un)life after a zombie apocalypse. Since 2012, the series has been beloved and enjoyed by millions of players the world over for its unique, positive themes and inclusive character options. Love is Dead is the first commercial release in the series.


  • Over 150 lovingly hand-crafted levels set among 7 distinct worlds.
  • A unique blend of action and puzzle-based gameplay.
  • Discover new mechanics and puzzle elements in every world.
  • Choose your pronouns and those of your sweetie for a personal experience.
  • Comic, sweet storyline filled with mad science and surprises.


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