Armor Games Studios
Based in Irvine, California

Vladimir Fedyushkin and Nicolai Danielsen

Release date:
May 12th, 2020

Steam (PC/Mac)
Nintendo Switch



Jet Lancer is a high-velocity aerial combat shooter where you duel enemy aviators, hunt giant robots, and defy death at supersonic speeds. You are Ash Leguinn: badass pilot, highly paid mercenary, and flight-school drop out. Your day job is fine - the daily grind of dealing with Sky Pirates pays the bills - but nothing compares to the rush of demolishing a ninety-ton mechanical monstrosity at the speed of sound. And you’ll have your chance. As mechanized weapons converge on Root City, you’ll have to be at the top of your game to survive, and you’ll have to surpass your limits if you want to save the world.


  • Jet Lancer is easy to learn but hard to master. Precise and responsive controls make you feel like an ACE as you dodge and weave through enemy fire without even a scratch in the paint.
  • Make your way from rookie aviator to ACE pilot in a story-driven single player campaign containing 30 missions, 11 bosses, and only 1 chance to save the world.
  • Go higher, further, and faster in Jet Lancer’s New Game Plus mode which features more relentless AI, new attack patterns, and some fancy new upgrades for the LANCE to provide a fresh experience.
  • Customizable loadout with 28 different guns, payloads, and flight components to let you dominate the skies in any way you’d like.
  • Battle endless waves of enemies and survive deadly multi-boss fights in Arcade Mode.
  • We think everyone should have the opportunity to feel like an ACE pilot. To that end we’ve included anti-fatigue control toggles, adjustable dodge windows, an invincibility option, and the ability to disable screenshake and screen flashing.
  • There’s a talking cat! His name is Lem.


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Selected Articles

  • "All about barrel-rolling through danger, and trying to keep track of twenty swirling missiles at once. Manic, but fun, and never impossible."
    - Dominic Tarason, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "Through it all you’ve got to wind and strut on a sky-blue dance floor, zipping between bullets and rolling around misses."
    - Levi Rubeck, Unwinnable Monthly

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Jet Lancer Credits

Vladimir Fedyushkin

Nicolai Danielsen

Cory O'Brien
Narrative Designer

Fat Bard
Music and SFX

Armor Games Studios