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Now free for everyone and with additional levels! Have you ever seen those masterfully crafted wooden block puzzles? The ones that look so simple, yet prove such a challenge to pull apart? Interlocked serves up cleverly crafted 3D puzzles where the goal is to figure out how each interlocking level fits together in order to pull it apart. With simple, intuitive, touch-based gameplay and beautifully crafted chapters, Interlocked will delight puzzles fans of all skill levels.


Released for iOS on October 16th, 2012 and Android on May 14th, 2014. Update arriving with new levels as the game goes free in early October 2016.


  • Stunning 3D brain-teasing, tactile puzzles for all ages.
  • Mellow, relaxing atmosphere with zen-like music.
  • A universal app for gorgeous gameplay on any device.
  • Based on the popular Flash game Interlocked, played by over 20 Million players worldwide!
  • Over five million downloads to date!
  • Now completely free for everyone!


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Selected Articles

  • "I thought it its concept was ingenious, and the way it made me feel like a genius was unmatched."
    - Carter Dotson, 148apps.com
  • "This is exactly the sort of puzzle you want to see more of... cleverly constructed and hard to put down."
    - Dora Breckinridge, jayisgames.com
  • "I never really liked 3D puzzle iPhone games until I played Interlocked."
    - Tucker Cummings, tapscape.com

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Armor Games is a developer and publisher of Steam, Mobile and Web Browser games. Starting from humble beginnings as a Flash game portal, in recent years the company has branched out to other platforms spreading joy to gamers of all types. Play their games at ArmorGames.com!

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