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Release date:
October 25th, 2019



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USD: 4.99


The Deep Sleep Trilogy collects and preserves the famous pixel art point-and-click horror tale by veteran indie developer scriptwelder. This version brings together all three entries from the web-based series (Deep Sleep, Deeper Sleep and Deepest Sleep) in their entirety, preserving the original experience in a single collection for fans old and new of scriptwelder's work. The trilogy tells a chilling story of someone obsessed with lucid dreaming, and the dangers that come with venturing too deep into what you don't know. Armed with simply your wits and curiosity, players must investigate the dream world in classic point-and-click adventure fashion, hunting for clues, gathering useful items, and solving puzzles both logical and surreal while trying to find a way out. A perfect collection to see the entire story through in a dark stormy night. But remember: eventually, we all have to wake up.


Poland-based developer scriptwelder is an award-winning creator of unique and atmospheric indie games, such as the Deep Sleep and Don't Escape series, which has won multiple awards and been played by millions all around the world. The Deep Sleep series started as a web-based trilogy in 2012, with the final game releasing in 2014. Since then, the developer has released his first full-length premium title, Don't Escape: 4 Days To Survive, in 2019.


  • Integrated Steam achievements.
  • Old school point-and-click gameplay and puzzles.
  • A creepy tale spanning across three games.
  • Dive into a dangerous, nightmarish world rendered with unsettling pixel art.


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