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Thomas has always been a little eccentric. Obsessed with lucid dreaming and the concept of other worlds. All a little too fantastical for a small town vet like Amy herself.

But then Amy comes across his journals. And what at first seems like the ramblings of a troubled mind slowly begin to seem more and more plausible. Maybe her brother was right about everything. And maybe, just maybe… he isn’t actually dead.

Deep Sleep: Labyrinth of the Forsaken is a point-and-click horror adventure from veteran developer scriptwelder, and a standalone entry into the cult classic Deep Sleep series. Guide Amy deeper into the world of dreams, using the power of her mind to shape her surroundings and overcome challenges and puzzles. Explore landscapes both beautiful and terrifying in your search to uncover the truth about her brother.

But there’s a darkness lurking within the mazes of these other worlds. It knows Amy is there. And it’s very, very interested in finding her.


Poland-based developer scriptwelder is an award-winning creator of unique and atmospheric indie games, such as the Deep Sleep and Don't Escape series, which has won multiple awards and been played by millions all around the world. The Deep Sleep series started as a web-based trilogy in 2012, with the final game releasing in 2014. Since then, the developer has released his first full-length premium title, Don't Escape: 4 Days To Survive, in 2019.


  • Solve puzzles and defeat foes using the ability to shape Amy’s dreams around her
  • Explore nightmarish and otherworldly environments with elements of randomized design
  • Improve and unlock new skills for Amy to help keep her alive and make her stronger
  • Encounter bizarre and dangerous beings who could be friend, foe… or both
  • Multiple endings and secrets to find, if you survive the beings hunting you
  • A brand new soundtrack from composer Christopher Carlone


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